Wk 14- Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez

12358400_1069045406463550_760619517_nFor this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Lourdes Martinez. Martinez is a photography major is currently on her last year at CSULB. She didn’t have interest in art until she began her last year in high school. Martinez explained that it was not that interesting in high school classes, but once she began college the classes were much more interesting and taught art more in depth. Originally, she wanted to be a nurse, but eventually went for photography. Her dream is to get an internship at the Observatory. She is not really looking for photography jobs, but if the opportunity comes she is willing to try. Her and a couple of other artists collaborated to make a showcase called “Figment.”


Lourdes’ art piece was in a glass display that was supported by a wooden base. Inside the center of the display was a purple and green square paper. This paper actually turned out to represents Earth and it amazes her how so many people live in on earth and you can not even see how small Earth is. She was mainly inspired by space aircraft for this piece.

Lourdes stated that she is really interested in space and science and how they are related to photography and documentation. She shared how she saw a picture NASA took from space. She found this picture very interesting because we all have our own lives on that tiny speck. Lourdes decided to take that photo and zoom in on Earth. She then glued the new cropped photo onto a transparency and put it in the glass display. She mentioned how the picture doesn’t show much information and she like it like that. I would never guessed that it included earth in the picture, because it was just a speck on the picture. It makes you think about how small we are compare to the universe.

Lourde Martinez unfortunately doesn’t have social media



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