Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Jackie Bautista


For this week’s classmate conversation, I chose to have a conversation with was Jackie Bautista. Jackie is a 2nd year Kinesiology major that likes to exercise. At first she wanted to be a physical therapist but now she is unsure whether she will pick  becoming a Physical Therapist or an occupational therapist or work in kinesiology research. She is currently living in the dorms and is from North Hollywood. Jackie went to John Burrows High School in Burbank. She originally wanted to attend San Diego State but it was too expensive so she settled for the next best,  CSULB. Some of Jackie’s hobbies include drawing, hanging out with her friends and family, hiking, and being spontaneous to do random things. She also enjoys watching Netflix where she binges on her favorite shows and watches a variety of movies. She stated that her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction! She has a sister who is 5 yeas older than her, but they look so much alike that people mistaken them as twins. Jackie has two dogs and she cannot wait to see them over Thanksgiving break. The question of the week was, “how has your view of art changed from when class started?” Jackie said that something that is different to her now that when the class started is that she has been exposed to new kinds of art which have changed her overall view on art.

It was great talking to you Jackie!

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