Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Geraldine Meono

              Me and Geraldine!

This week classmate conversation was with Geraldine Meono! Geraldine is a 3rd year majoring in sociology. She is twenty years old. She commutes everyday from San Pedro. She chose CSULB because it was nearby and did not want to go far away. Geraldine mentioned that she took a sociology class her first year when she was undeclared and enjoyed it so much she decided to major in it. Her hobbies include listening to music, hiking, the beach, and watching movies. She has an older brother. Geraldine has been to Mexico and up north. She said that she picked this class as a GE but likes art too. She wants to study abroad, but for just a summer and she would like to study in Asia. For winter break, Geraldine said she might head to as Vegas. She is not sure where she might be in the future but she wants to work for a business.

The question of the week was, “what color soothes you and what color aggravates you?”  Geraldine said that light blues sooth her. The thing we have in common is that neon green makes us mad!


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