Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

12226373_1057788204255937_1773484462_nFor this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed 38 year old Christopher Linquata. He is a senior at CSULB and is currently majoring in representational drawing. He is also from San Fernando Valley. Linquata has been drawing his whole life and he later plans/wants to be a selling artist, and possible become a teacher. 12248621_1057788274255930_2071050698_n

Linquata and another artist named Mike, collaborated ideas and created a show is called “Sacred & Profane.” Christopher’s art is displayed in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.

The paint that he used to his paintings is acrylic paint. It took Linquata around 10 months to finish his paintings. His favorite artist is Pierro della Francesca. His inspiration comes from nature and Renaissance paintings. The people you see in the painting are his friends and family. You could also see that he included himself in 12243607_1057788264255931_202073570_nthe paintings.

Usually, his works are often mythological and religious. Each painting that he did is based off of either a religious or classical scene. The painting in the pictures called, Sunken City, was inspired when he went on a hike with his friends in San Pedro. He stated that he doesn’t like to use pictures to re-draw what he saw in his hike because he wants to use his sight to recall it. Even though painting is tedious work, Linquata always look forward to it and makes it worth his time. 12226893_1057788277589263_1000598417_n

I enjoyed his use of humor and visuals in his paintings. If you see his paintings up close, you can see very tiny details. Personally I don’t have the patience to paint or draw small little details. It shows how much effort he put into every single painting that he did.

Check out more of Christopher’s work/progress!




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