Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Andrea Casamitjana


This week I interviewed, Andrea Casamitjana. Andrea is currently a Sophomore at CSULB and is a pre-film major. She is originally from Spain but moved to Long Beach of her senior year of high school. She wanted to be an actress, but decided that it was too hard. So instead, she decided to become a film producer. She wants to become a film producer so she can produce her own film and star in the film as the main actress. She has a younger sister and she used to have a dog when she was younger, but sadly it passed away. Her hoodies include acting, dancing, traveling, hanging out with friends, being outdoors, and sleeping. She got into acting after falling in love with an Argentinean show, which she watched over and over. Andrea speaks English and Spanish. She can also understand basic French and Italian. I wish I could speak and understand that many languages. Andrea has been to a lot of places around the world and her next destination is New Zealand! She has been to England, France, Italy, Costa Rica, and Canada. Her favorite place is Italy. I asked Andrea if she likes the US; she stated likes Spain way better than the US because all her friends and family are over there.

The question of the week was, “do you think tattoos are a form of art?” Andrea stated that she hates tattoos and thinks only a few are considered art like the meaningful ones. I agree with Andrea, because there are people who gets tattoos to look cool and wouldn’t have a meaning. She also doesn’t like having something permanent on your skin.

I’m glad to have met Andrea and I wish her luck on her dreams!

Andrea’s blog: andreacasamitjana.wordpress.com

Me and Andrea!

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