Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Art: Wall Hanging Activity

For this week’s activity, we had to do art that involves fiber.

The kit I bought

I was looking through some youtube videos and I came across a video that showed how to do needle felting. Needle felting requires no sewing! All you need for needle felting is felting wool, a needle, and a needle felting mat (you can also use a sponge.) I bought a kit that came with instructions.

12233108_1055582654476492_1349679413_n1.The items you need is: scissors, felting wool, needle, ruler, and a sponge or a felting mat. With the wool for this project, you want to separate the white wool into 5 pieces + an extra piece. 12212413_1055582644476493_906662775_n

For needle felting, you are going to repeatedly stab the wool and roll the wool into the shape you want. I started to stab and roll the wool into a ball shape for the head.

2. After the first piece you used to make the ball you are going to keep adding the other 4 pieces and stab the wool 12231518_1055582604476497_1977371342_nuntil you get the shape you want. You should also see the wool harden.

3. Once you get the head shape you want, you move onto the ears. The last piece of white wool, you 12226694_1055582517809839_2136511268_nare going to cut it in half. With one of the half you are going to fold in the top corners to make the ears. ( This part may be hard for some people). You can add in the pink for the insides of the ears. Make sure to leave the end of the ear not stabbed, so we can attach it to the head.

4. After making the two ears you are going attach the ears to the head by the ends you left alone. The kit also came with black beads that you can 12212472_1055582471143177_1064565496_nattach by making a hole in the head and gluing the eyes in.

5. Now with the red felting wool, you are going to get a small piece of it and roll it up in a ball to make the nose. You are also going to get a small piece of red felting wool and twist it to make the mouth. 12231554_1055582414476516_542584600_n

6. The kit included rings and a silver chain, so you can use this as a key chain or hang it on wall or mirror. I hung mine on my desk lamp.

The whole experience was fun, but very tedious. It was kinda hard to get the head and ears shaped right like in the picture. Also I had a hard time with the mouth of the rabbit and I opted to just make a line. Overall, I would consider doing this activity again when I have more time to do other animals or characters! Hopefully if I do it more often, I would get better at it.


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