Wk 10 – Activity – Game Design II: Alternate Reality Gaming

Geocache container
Contents of Glenn’s geocache. The white paper star was the item I left

This week’s activity is geocaching. Geocaching is where you hide a container filled with random stuff and you use an app to place the coordinates of the container. Other people who also has the app can locate the container and trade items in the container. The container that I found was Glenn’s container! It didn’t have a lot of items in the container though. Other people who traded items left pennies or paper clips. I trade an origami paper star for a button that said, “beachside yearbook.”

For my geocache, I place paper stars and stickers in the container. It was hard to think of things to place inside, but I decided to put paper stars because I like to do origami and stickers was something I had on hand. I placed the geocache at a park nearby my house! Hopefully people would be able to find it and trade cool stuff.

FullSizeRender (7)
Content of my geocache. Filled with stars and panda stickers

This activity was my favorite out of all of the activities we’ve done so far! I felt as if I was on a treasure hunt and it was cool to trade items that other people left. I do wish that people left other items instead of pennies and paperclips. I did this activity with my friend and she also had fun! I’d recommend this activity to people with some free time on their hands!


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