Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Kahlia Cadle

Kahlia Cadle

This week I interviewed Kahlia Cadle! Her birthday is on August 31, 1996. Kahlia is currently a second year at CSULB. She is also majoring in accounting. She commutes everyday to school. On a good day it will take her around 1 hour! Her hobbies includes making music and playing instruments. She plays a lot of different instruments! I asked her what instruments she plays, she said that there were too many to list off. She told me her top 3 instruments that she likes is the guitar, the marimba, and the ukelele. I find it very cool that she is able to play so many different instruments! She has an older brother and older sister. She also has a job. She works at Kumon Tutoring Center! She tutors early learners with their homework. She also helps the early learner with letters and math. Some places that she has traveled to is London, Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. In fact, she is going on a road trop with friends to Seattle, Washington.

This week’s question was, “what was your favorite art piece that you have seen so far?” Kahlia said that the art piece that used tea stained place mates. I also loved that art piece too. She said she liked that art piece is because she liked the atmosphere where all of us were just chatting, as if we were in a tea party.

Kahlia’s website: https://kahliacadle.wordpress.com/


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