Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

For this week’s storytelling, we had to tell a story using social media platforms. I worked with Jennifer Ramirez and Julia Hodgdon. We came up with a story involving 3 people. Julia played a girl named Nicole Hanes, Jennifer played a girl named Melissa Davis, and I played a guy named Brad Smith. We used twitter and Pinterest as our social media platform. We created a love triangle story. My character Brad was dating Melissa Davis. Both of our characters go to different schools. Nicole Hanes is Brad’s best friend. Nicole always wanted to be with Brad. Melissa decided to visit Brad at Harvard so they can be together for Melissa’s birthday. Melissa saw Nicole and Brad together in his dorm. This is when the feud on twitter came out.

(Julia) Nicole Hanes’ Twitter
(Me) Brad Smith’s Twitter
(Jennifer) Melissa Davis’ Twitter

Here are our character’s backstory:

Jennifer’s Character: Melissa Davis

Background: 2nd year at Yale, aspiring politician, Christian, loves books, her boyfriend Brad Smith who attends Harvard, and baking

Twitter: @melissadavis96

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/melissadavis199/

Julia’s Character: Nicole Hanes

Background: 2nd year at Yale, born and raised in California, studies for fun, also enjoys going out and having a good time, vegetarian, fitness, family-oriented, obsessed with her best friend Brad

Twitter: @nicolehanes1

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/hanes1037/

Name: Brad smith

Twitter: @xbradsmith

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/itsnatahlee/

Background: 2nd year at Harvard, raised in California, loves sport cars and sports (swimming especially), has a girlfriend name Melissa Davis (attends Yale), aspiring surgeon, studies a lot due to wanting to graduate the top of his class.


B: Happy Birthday Melissa! I wish I was there on your special day! #20thbirthday

M:Surprise Brad!!!! I’m at Harvard!! <3333

B: Melissa…why didn’t you tell me ahead of time?

*Melissa barges in on Brad and Nicole, Nicole leaves running from the dorm room. Melissa storms out leaving Brad alone. Later on in the day they start a twitter battle*

M: @nicolehanes1 how can you do this to me? I thought we were friends! I knew I could never trust you ever since I knew you had a rep 😡 #backstabber

N: @melissadavis96 I just could not help falling for Brad! He is so sweet and smart. Plus you are never even with him…what did you expect

B: @melissadavis96 @nicolehanes1 I don’t want you two fighting I care about both of you

M: @xbradsmith STAY OUT OF THIS how can you say you care about me when you cheated on me you douche!!!

N: @melissadavis96 leave Brad alone he is my best friend and I knew he would be mine one day and I love him and HE LOVES ME NOT YOU #burn

M: @nicolehanes1 You’re such a lying whore Brad thinks you’re too clingy and obsessive lately he will come back to me because I haven’t been passed around like you #shadybitches #slut

B: @melissadavis96 @nicolehanes1 Okay you two are both psycho #bye

We used Pinterest to show our character’s personality and what our characters like. I made Brad because our story involved a love triangle and one of us had to play a guy. Also, I wanted to pretend to be a guy. I thought this was experience was interesting because I actually received followers for my fake character. I’m not planning on keeping the accounts because I think that it’s wrong to deceive other people.

My Character’s Pinterest Board


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