Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin

FullSizeRender (5)For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Juan Martin. Martin is a transfer student majoring in sculpture. His inspiration was minimalism that was prevalent in the 1960s. Something that Martin does with his artwork is that he names the pieces before he makes them. Usually artists would make the piece first, then name it. Art was something that Martin has always had a passion for. He actually began with ceramics and then decided to do sculptures. IMG_1098

What caught my eye was a big black box that was in the middle of the room. This was made using shrink-wrap. it represents “skin” but also has a side of consumerism in relation to distribution. This box was inspired by Tony Smith’s, Die from 1962. Smith’s sculpture measured 6′ x 6′ x 6′. It was created in relation to the human body. This piece explores consumerism and the human body using the concept of shrink-wrap.

Another art piece that was shown was a deer mannequin. It incorporated digital IMG_1102manipulation along with physical modeling. There was one side where it seemed altered and fractured, which was a further exploration into taxidermy mannequins. It was first made out of foam then he coated with dark gray graphite. This project took him two weeks to complete.

The last piece shown is a mannequin sculpture. He based it on ideal representation of a mannequin that gives off human qualities and traits. Artificial things and items that wants to be alive and it’s like a representation and reflection of us. The mannequin was made out of concrete and it took him a couple of weeks to complete.


For more Juan Martin’s workWebsite


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