Wk8 – Classmate Conversation- Toni Abad

FullSizeRender (4)
Toni Abad

This week I got a chance to interview Toni Abad! Toni is a 2nd year psychology major at CSULB. She’s also an only child. Me and Toni actually met before in high school! We were both in the same physical science class in 9th grade. Toni took this class as a way to cover her GE and to expand her creativity. Toni is majoring in psychology because she hopes to become a criminal psychologist. She’s interested on why people commit crimes which explains her love for shows such as Dateline, 48 Hours, and America’s Most Wanted. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she hopes to go all the way up to her PhD. Toni’s hobbies include playing soccer, reading, and watching funny movies. She also enjoys playing with her pitbull, Spaz. She is also currently working at Trader Joe’s. If she could travel abroad anywhere she would pick Spain because she said it looks fun and the food seems tasty. The gallery that Toni enjoyed the most was the one with the blurred landscapes because they reminded her of all the national parks she has visited with her parents on spring breaks. A fun fact about toni is that, she has cute headbands that she wears at work. She has different headbands for each holiday! I think that’s very cute. 😀

Toni’s Website: https://tonimabad.wordpress.com/


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