Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

                           Jane Weibel

This week I got a chance to talk to Jane Weibel. Weibel is a third year student and currently studying ceramics at CSULB. She started off as a graphic arts major, but then she realized how much she loves ceramics. With only one more year until she graduates, Weibel plans to go to graduate school for ceramics or sculpture and hopes to have her own gallery in the future. IMG_1022

When I first walked into the Gatov-West gallery, there were swings, baby clothes, hula hoops, and slides. My first impression was if this gallery was a “children” theme gallery. Her work was titled “The Extraordinary Difficult and Impossible Tasks of Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time.” Weibel’s inspiration was remembering her being artistic during her childhood. A passing of a family member due to Alzheimer’s also inspired this art piece. She saw how her family member slowly lost their memories. To Weibel, memories are important and the passing of her family member caused her to have fear of losing her memories.   IMG_1026

The materials she used for her artwork were fibers, ceramics, rope, twist ties, and objects from her childhood. It took Jane took two weeks to do a batch of the art pieces because some the pieces were made from ceramics and had to put them in a kiln, glaze the objects, and put them in the kiln again. Overall, the entire artwork took her two months to complete and the colors she chose were on purpose because they gave her a sense of childhood.


This art piece made me think about my childhood, which I believe was the point that Weibel was making. We all experience things in our childhood that makes us who we are today, whether the childhood was good or bad. For Weibel, she was artistic ever since she was a child and now she’s on her way to graduate school for ceramics/sculpture. It is also important to create memories when we’re young, because those memories are still there when people grow up. I loved the colors she used in this piece. It really showcased her theme even more.

    Follow Jane Weibel!IMG_1021

Instagram: @janemargarette


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