Wk 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Drawing (Snapchat)

For this week’s activity, we had to take snapchats of our day and draw on them.

IMG_1036<– This was one of the snaps I took before leaving school. This is the fountain in front of the Macintosh Building. Usually, the fountain would be on and I would see ducks just swimming around. However, the fountain hasn’t been on for a while. I like to sit there to see the ducks or just to look at the fountain. In this snap I drew water coming out and drew some IMG_1037ducks in the fountain, as if the fountain was still on.

This next snap I took was a bouquet of flowers in one of the galleries I visited this week. I thought the flowers were very pretty and I just liked them. So I drew hearts around the flowers to represent how much I liked them. –>

1. Julia Hodgdon

1) This snap is from Julia Hodgdon! She made this snap before our Biology 205 exam and I screenshot that because it represented how I was feeling before the exam started.

2. Skum’s Snap

2) This snap is from the username Skum. I unfortunately don’t know who is that to give proper credits. This snap from him is a bus in the sky! I thought this snap was funny, cute, and artistic. He took a picture of a school bus and colored the picture blue with clouds and an alien spaceship. I really liked how this was colorful and very creative.

I don’t believe that our snapchat conversations share any qualities that other artists had throughout history. Majority of the snaps you see are things that are random in our lives and don’t have any real meaning to them.

I actually prefer snapchat over instagram and periscope. People can snapchat anything they want and you can save it or not and people can see what you are doing. Instagram and periscope don’t really have that luxury. Periscope, you have to worry who is watching you and how you look, because you are doing a live feed. Instagram, you have to take nice pictures with filters. Snapchat is something that is quick and easy to use, while periscope and instagram is something you have to think about before posting anything.


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