Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation- Millie Herrera


This week I got a chance to talk to a sweet classmate name Millie Herrera! We went around looking at this week’s art exhibitions together. We actually spent the entire class time together and usually when I interview people we would get info and leave. I really enjoyed talking to her and learning who she is. Hopefully we’ll talk to each other again!

Millie is 3rd year at CSULB. She is currently marketing major. She felt that being a marketing major would help her not only do business, but help express her creative side. With marketing she can create advertisements for companies. She hopes to work for a non profit organization. She told me that if this doesn’t work out, her back up would be Kinesiology. She finds her classes interesting but difficult.

She is part French, Guatemalan, and Mexican. She is an only child and commutes to school from Norwalk. She is involved in Alpha Omega Phi, which is a co ed-fraternity that is all about community service. She loves the club and made so many friends in the club. In fact, she’s the secretary of APO! (very cool)

The question of the week was to talk about colors and how they make us feel. Millie told me that her favorite color was green. The reason why she loves green is because it reminds her of money and gardening. She loves gardening. She also loves all shades of green!

Me (right) and Millie (left)

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