Wk 6 -Activity – Periscope

For this week’s activity we had to use an app called Periscope. For those who don’t know, Periscope is a free app where people can make live stream videos and other people can watch and comment.

Kim Pham

I always wanted to see how people can vlog themselves. I did a “follow me around” type video when I went to a Japanese store called Daiso. It was quite awkward because it was in a public setting and there were a lot of people in the store, so I wasn’t able to really talk to people. I got people from Guatemala and Canada live streaming with me and I found that to be really cool. I feel that if I did this with a friend and in a less public space, then I wouldn’t feel so awkward. I did another Periscope live stream (featuring my dog), unfortunately I wasn’t able to talk either because my voice was gone that day. I also saw different Periscopes from different people. I saw Kim Pham’s live stream of her doing her makeup (she has a lot).

I found this activity really fun. I got to see different people’s streams of their daily lives and talk to some people from different parts of the world. I would definitely try out Periscope again when I have the chance!


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