Wk4 – Activity – Painting


 Hi everyone! 

For this week’s activity, we had to use spray paint and graffiti our names. The colors that came with the art bucket was pink and green. I actually never used spray paint before so this was a new experience for me. The end results was alright. I feel like the cardboard didn’t hold the paint very well and the paint started to smear. I also wished that I had different colors than pink and green. I admire the graffiti artists who create beautiful graffitis. While doing this project, I found that it was difficult to spray a continuous line of paint.

Many people believe that graffiti is vandalism. I believe that graffiti is another form of art and expression. There are tons of amazing graffiti artists. Banksy is a well known graffiti artist, who graffitis different issues that are going on today. Of course there are people who graffitis not meaningful art and graffitis in areas where it’s not allowed. I can’t imagine people who does graffiti on a much larger scale, because I was tired out by simply just writing my name. This project was a new experience for me and hopefully one day I could try out spray painting again.

Some more Pics:



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