Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Christa Hernandez


On Thursday afternoon, I was in one of the galleries checking out one of the artist’s sculpture. We have to talk to other classmates about what they think is art. I am an introvert, so talking to people usually leads me to be awkward and shy. If I was given a choice to either go out and talk to people or stay at home, I would choose to stay at home. While observing some artwork I saw Christa and decided to talk to her. After introducing myself, I thought that she was a nice girl to talk to.

IMG_0908 (1)

Left: Jennifer Christa Hernandez, Right: Natalie Mai (Me)

Christa’s first name is actually Jennifer, but people call her Christa. She is from L.A. She is a second year and currently majoring in social work. She has one littler brother. She is also very outspoken, which makes me jealous, because I wish i could be outspoken. She lives off campus at Patio Gardens with her other 3 roommates. She loves to workout (the total opposite of me.) Her birthday is on July 15. She loves to joke around with people. She is currently working at sears. She used to play basketball in high school. Christa hates driving. She is allergic to tomato and is a picky eater. Lastly, she loves boba (we should have a boba hangout.)

IMG_0899 (1)

Christa thinks art is expressed differently because every person is unique. Every person has their own experiences and personality, so that reflects on what art is to them. People can express their feelings or thoughts through art. She thinks the cool thing about art is that art can be discussed and showed in any form. I agree what Christa said, that art can be discussed and shown in different forms. Even though she believes that she is not artistic compared to her brother and father, her handwriting is pretty and nice, which is also art.

IMG_0898 (1)

Photo credits to Glenn!

We were laughing because Glenn took so many pictures. 

Christa’s Website: https://jenniferchrista.wordpress.com


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