Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Kayla R. Workman

IMG_0914                IMG_0876 (1)

This is Kayla R. Workman. She is one of the talented artists who took part in this art piece called “Affirmation.” This amazing artwork is being shown at the Marilyn Werby Gallery at Cal State Long Beach. Kayla incorporates education and art in her artwork, which I find really interesting. She was inspired by her great-uncle who had Alzheimer’s disease. She and two other girls worked with Acacia Adult Day Services in Garden Grove. The mission of this project was to implement accessible art projects to those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. They wanted to challenge the participants at the day services to create works of art that discusses themes such as, beauty, reflection, and identity. This entire project took around 3 weeks to finish. One of the rewarding things Kayla loved was that the participants were always so excited to participate. Kayla wants to continue working with them, because every time she works with them she gets that feeling of when your excited pets haven’t seen you in a long time.

IMG_0881 (1)             IMG_0882 (1)

Here are two up close pictures of some of the participants. This project focused on the participant’s accomplishments and body image. I saw different varieties of hands and writing, which caught my eye. You can see in the Polaroids are hands and a paper stating what they accomplished with their hands. I enjoyed looking at this project, because it showed how much we do with our hands. We touch, feel, and move with our hands. We also accomplished a lot of things using our hands. Our hands also show how much work we put into them. I really felt that this project showcased that. The Polaroid that says “I play piano with my hands” relates to me. I played the piano also, which I considered to be an accomplishment. This project made me think about different stories from different people. Even though this project looked simple to do, it showcased in every photo that we all have stories and accomplishments to share in a simple, yet compelling way. I wish Kayla best of luck in her art and I hope to see more from her soon.

Kayla R. Workman Information


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