Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

Hello World!

For this week activity, I had to take four or more pictures of what I do throughout the day. We would post the pictures that we took of our daily activities on Instagram and use the hashtag #art110f15. I rarely post anything on my Instagram; in fact the last time I actually posted something was in december 2014. I would only use Instagram to follow my favorite celebrities and my friends. This activity showed me that everyday we can create memories and capture beauty in our lives.


This was the first picture that I took while studying for biology. According to my professor, you will have to spend at least 9 hours outside of class studying. I believe that this relates to a lot of students, because we all have to study in order to get the grades we want and the jobs we hope to have in the future. It gets hard to balance social life, school, and work for many of us. I rarely have time to relax nowadays, which makes me appreciate the times where I have the ability to just relax or just hang out with my friends.


This picture represents what I and many other people felt during last week. I was so glad when I was inside my biology class, because it was nice and cool. Its days like that where I am glad someone invented fans and air conditioners.

Looking at everyone’s social pictures on Instagram made me realize how connected we are as a community. People posted foods, Netflix, and their friends. We are a small community that enjoy the same things in our daily lives. Despite differences such as: age, height, culture, ethnicities, we all can come together and enjoy the same things.


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